COVID-19 Precautions by Atlantic Maids

Atlantic Maids has been your trusted household cleaning service since 1988, and you can rely on us to take the ongoing uncertainty and precautions with COVID-19 as a high priority to protect the well-being our customers and staff. We follow the CDC guidelines in wearing mask, gloves, disinfect inside of cars and cleaning equipment daily, shoe covers during each visit, and take temperature checks daily. We ask our customers to help with social distancing and wearing mask while cleaning your home as well.

Welcome to Atlantic Maids ®

Atlantic Maids ® has been providing superior maid service to Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and NW Washington, DC since 1988… You can find our full list of Service Areas HERE. We are proudly a locally owned & operated maid service and not a National franchise cleaning company, which allows us to keep our cost under control and offer more flexible service options.

Atlantic Maids ® many satisfied customers are seeking the solutions that we deliver; by paying attention to details, offering affordable pricing, quality service, trusted staff, and peace of mind that your home will be cleaned thoroughly. We also provide dedicated maids for your home, live english speaking phone support, customized cleaning plans, maids that arrive in company logo uniform & vehicle, and the cleaning products & equipment are included your cleaning service.

We are the Maid Company to stick with

Atlantic Maids ® is the cleaning company to stick with… We started our company over 30 years ago in Montgomery County, Maryland and each year, we have grown in our customer base, cleaning services offered for our customer, teams added, and areas serviced while maintaining our core principles of “Best Prices & Quality Service”.

In addition to our weekly, bi-weekly, one-time/occasional, or monthly maid cleaning service, we also offer move-in/move-out, green cleaning, housekeeping services, and commercial cleaning services. Our customers are busy professionals, parents who are multi-tasking many chores, empty nesters, or active adult citizens who want to spend quality time with their kids, hobbies, families, and careers.

A Clean home is a Happy Home with Atlantic Maids ®

Wouldn’t you love to come home from a long day at the office, or balancing a busy schedule… To a beautiful, thoroughly cleaned home? For over 30 years, Atlantic Maids has been making the hectic days and busy schedules much more achievable by taking the chores of housekeeping and cleaning off your list of things to do. Without having to worry about cleaning the house, there is more time down-time for you to enjoy other daily activities, so let the Atlantic Maids ® Octopus (see our logo) many arms assist you with your entire housekeeping and cleaning chores, so you have time to enjoy life.

Call us at 301-990-1291 to speak with us directly.

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