Window Cleaning

Don’t Do Windows… Leave it to Atlantic Maids ®!

You’re not alone if you hate cleaning windows.

Windows throughout your home accent your space and allow sunlight to stream in, they can also attract dirt and grime, which can mar the overall appearance of your home. Perhaps you have young children who are prone to putting their hands on low-lying windows, dogs who like to sit at the window and bark, or both. Kids and pets can add further dirt and grime to your windows, which can make them even harder to clean.

While you might have a routine for everyday cleaning task, cleaning windows might be one of those tasks that you might have trouble getting to on a regular basis. Atlantic Maids® window cleaning service focuses our efforts on doing a quality job by removing dirt, fingerprints, and smudges flawlessly. We clean inside windows, but if you windows fold-in, we would be happy to include inside & outside window cleaning for your home.

Once you have Atlantic Maids® do your window cleaning, not only will your windows become crystal clear, but the reason for using us will also shine through!

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